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Spotlight: Hill Werth of Slow & Intentional

Hill Werth is a trans non-binary mixed-media artist and educator with Midwest roots. Hill is the owner of Slow & Intentional and local community activist/community leader in Kingston, Ontario.


Hill creates a variety of mixed-media prints that can be found on stickers, tote bags, t-shirts, a variety of print sizes, and bookmarks. Hill places statements like; “LOVE IS LOVE”, “TRANS RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS”, “THEY/THEM”, “PROTECT TRANS LIVES”, DON’T HATE WHAT YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND”, “I AM ENOUGH”, and “HATE HAS NO HOME HERE”.

Hill’s willingness and commitment to share their own story and advocate for the rights and authentic living of 2SLGBTQIA+ identifying individuals has led to the “Hate Has No Home Here” (HHNHH) campaign.


The HHNHH Slow & Intentional partnered with Kingston School of Art, Digigraphics, Queen’s University Education, and Compass Psychotherapy (yes, me) to deliver a free art piece to businesses and organizations that will prominently, proudly, and indefinitely reside in their window/store front. The “Hate Has No Home Here” print/poster is a marker of safe spaces upon entering and is an act of solidarity. A peaceful way to combat the hate we are seeing today towards all marginalized groups of individuals who currently and historically have faced discrimination.


Recently this campaign was mentioned in the House of Commons by MP Mark Garretsen for the upcoming International Day of Transgender Visibility on March 31st.


Hill continues to diversify and grow their @slow_&_intentional brand by making a gender neutral clothing line. The clothing makes apparel for those who experience sensory overstimulation and body dysmorphia. Hill states “these custom tailed garments aim to make you feel more comfortable in the world when you don’t always feel home in your body”.


Hill’s personal display of authenticity has allowed a community to embrace their creativity, activism, artwork, and education classes. Hill states their authenticity allows them to create artwork that fills a void, as it is about visibility and representation. The hope for the HHNHH poster is to have this in communities across Canada and United States. This writer often reminds myself, that the journey may be slow but Werth it.

You can purchase Slow & Intentional items at Etsy Canada

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